Talia's Legacy: Bring Hope Home

Dream House for BASE CampTalia's legacy:  A BASE CAMP in every city which has a children's cancer hospital.

BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation compassionately serves 200 families each and every day and sadly, those numbers continue to grow with Childhood Cancer on the rise.   Although this non-profit operates on day-to-day donations, miraculously, they have never said "No" to a family in need.

Talia and two other cancer kids.  Caption reads, Bring Hope Home.

Talia helped Bring Hope Home for children with cancer in Central Florida by raising $125,000 to be used for purchasing a home for BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation.  BASE Camp will finally have a full-time permanent office and meeting place for BASE Campers. 

We have rooms designed for comfort and FUN!  Children and families can come and gather to play, rest, and research or just recharge their battery!

A BASE CAMP is a place where you can always find comfort,  friends, nourishment, and encouragement along the journey. ...A place where you can find the strength to endure the day and finish the climb!

Help Talia fulfill her legacy.  Make your donation today.

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